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You may remember Orlando from The Calcium Kid, Black Hawk Down and Elizabethtown but he's most famous for his legendary roles as Legolas in the amazing Lord of the Rings trilogy and William Turner in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Spiritual respects the privacy of Orlando, his family, friends and coworkers. This website is and will always remain 100% Paparazzi Free.
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News: Orlando Confirmed for The Hobbit »
Faith | 10:59 am
7 Comments | News

As you’ve likely heard, there have been rumours flying around for months 20110528b feature image (1)as to whether or not Orlando would be in The Hobbit – apparently Peter Jackson has confirmed that he will be!

Some had theorized about the rumors that Bloom would be playing the part of Legolas’ father Thranduil, but now we know that the character Legolas will actually be depicted in the film.

Likely this will only surface as a cameo. It seems very unlikely to me that Peter Jackson would choose to insert Legolas in the story in any very active way, although the character was alive (and even already adult) at the time the story takes place.


News: Orlando Cast in The Laureate »
Faith | 5:38 am
9 Comments | News

Flyby: Orlando has been cast in The Laureate with Imogen Poot according to Demons Movies, here’s what they had to say:

The Laureate centers on the love triangle between war poet Roger Graves (Bloom) his artist wife Nancy Nicholson (Irish actress Kerry Condon) and American poet Laura Riding (Poots), all who lived together in Cairo and London in an open triangle. Nunez’s project was first announced at Cannes last year, with the attached names of actors Dominic Cooper and Hayley Atwell. Both have since dropped out of the project due to scheduling conflicts, leading the director to consider Bloom and Poots.


Video: Three Musketeers Set and Interview »
Faith | 9:48 am
1 Comment | Video

Flyby, this is from Josh: ET interviewed Orlando on the set of his October film The Three Musketeers, it also contains some on-set footage:


Orlando Bloom is about to be a dad! »
Eli | 6:59 am
No Comments | News

Orlando Bloom’s wife Miranda Kerr has gone into labour with her first child
ORLANDO Bloom is about to become a dad – Miranda Kerr has just gone into labour!
According to a family member, Orlando Bloom’s wife Miranda Kerr has officially gone into labour in LA.

The Victoria’s Secret model – who is due to give birth any day now – is said to have started having contractions in the early hours of this morning.

Orlando and her parents, Therese and John, are believed to be with her. The news comes after a false alarm on Boxing Day.

A family member told an Australian newspaper: “We did get a text on Boxing Day saying she had gone into labour but it was false alarm but I can confirm she did go into labour early this morning.”

Miranda, 27, married Orlando, 33, in July and announced the pregnancy in August.

She found out she was pregnant while shooting a fashion campaign in Paris, France, following weeks of nausea.

Miranda’s parents flew from her home country at the end of December to be with her for the arrival of their grandchild.

The couple have previously stated they didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby before the birth and the catwalk beauty has insisted she wants to completely focus on motherhood after the birth.

She said: “For me, family is life. The decision to start one wasn’t complex at all. My career has been wonderful, but it’s not my life. I don’t feel pressure to get back to work.”

Explaining her vision for the future, she added: “My goal involves a hammock, a vegetable patch, and a solar-powered house. And I hope to eventually get there.”


Orlando Bloom: Ready for “The Hobbit” »
Eli | 1:39 am
1 Comment | Uncategorized

As loose-ends of the film are being tied up, it is now being reported that Orlando Bloom will reprise his “Lord of the Rings” role in the upcoming “The Hobbit.”

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” hunk will get back into his Sindarin Elf character named Legolas for the 2012 film.
Though Bloom is adamant about staying close to pregnant wife, Miranda Kerr, the timing of “The Hobbit” came around just at the right time.

Once their bundle of joy arrives, the couple is rumored to be making Australia their permanent home.


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